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Institute of Technology Management

Entrepreneurship - Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik

Welcome to the Chair for Entrepreneurship at the University of St.Gallen. We focus our research and teaching on entrepreneurial thinking and acting. In addition, we encourage and support entrepreneurs at the HSG in making entrepreneurial decisions.

Based on a decision-making perspective, we analyze relevant research questions concerning the entrepreneurial process of discovering, creating, evaluating, and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities with high relevance for entrepreneurial practice. Our teaching concept is designed to provide profound theoretical and practice-oriented skills needed for being, acting, and thinking entrepreneurial.

The team of our chair is led by Professor Dr. Dietmar Grichnik. Ass.-Prof. Dr. Charlotta Sirén, and Diego Probst support him as project leaders; Torben Antretter, Barbara Burkhard, Manuel Hess, and Henrik Wesemann serve as research assistants. Angelika Schwarz completes the team as personal assistant.

How to find us? Direction to our chair.

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