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OPEX Pharma

Leading pharmaceutical companies all over the world are facing a new reality. Whereas, in the past, value creation was mainly based on intellectual property and market exclusivity, the blockbuster business model was the major source for cash flow. Today’s new reality is characterised by shrinking R&D productivity, cost-reduction initiatives from payer organisations, increased regulatory requirements and loss of exclusivity for many blockbuster drugs.

New solutions to fundamental strategic issues for companies across the industry need to be developed. One key aspect for pharmaceutical companies is the need to increase effectiveness and efficiency in operations across all functions significantly. The research at the Operational Excellence competence centre is supporting companies to tackle the industry’s challenges by putting existing strategies in operations into question and applying state-of-the-art research to create new strategies for operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Numerous industry projects in the past 10 years have enabled us to build an extensive knowledge base within our competence centre. Each of our industry projects with small to large companies worldwide is based on our applied research results and includes innovative approaches, methods and tools. The close cooperation with our industry partners leads to entirely customised solutions and practical deliverables for the companies in our projects.

Recent industry and research projects at our institute cover the following topics:

  • Lean production/OPEX systems
  • Location of production sites
  • Asset and capacity management
  • Lean development in clinical trials
  • Linking product portfolio and operations strategy

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