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Institute of Technology Management

Intellectual Property Management

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann | Dr. Martin Bader

We take care of challenges in research and in business environment about how to manage intellectual property rights

Firms often realize their lack of protection by means of intellectual property rights (IPR), and especially industrial property rights like patents, too late. A systematic and strategic patent management builds the basis for participating in an innovative and fast growing market and can enhance profits from innovation. Our intellectual property management research team conducts industry projects on patent strategy, patent portfolio management, valuation and evaluation of patents and technologies, the potential of IPR for the financial market place as well as protection against piracy and counterfeiting.

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Practice-oriented and relevant research
The Competence Center Intellectual Property Management closely cooperates with both large multinational companies, small and medium sized enterprises as well as public institutions, e.g. WIPO, EPO, IPI, EU. Its research is focused on latest phenomena in patent management and intellectual property management. The outcome serves as basis for transfer and implementation of the latest insights from state-of-the-art research.

The Competence Center Intellectual Property Management currently focuses on the following research topics:

  • patent strategy / patent management / intellectual property management
  • (strategy, processes, organisation, culture, performance measurement)
  • patent portfolio management,
  • patent management with respect to globalisation, e.g. Brasil, Russia, India, China
  • means against piracy and counterfeiting
  • research brand equity
  • intellectual property management in R&D collaborations
  • SMEs and patent management
  • valuation of patents and technologies
  • IPR market place characteristics for intellectual property rights
  • licensing and exploitation
  • benchmarking

Advanced publications
As one of the few research institutions focusing on patent management and intellectual property management, our research has been published in scientific and transfer journals such as e.g. les Nouvelles, iam Magazine, epi Information, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Patentanwälte, IP-Manager, Innovat!on Management, io new management.

Please find a short overview of selected projects here
Please find a short overview of our team here

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