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Institute of Technology Management

Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG

Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch
Dr. Alexander Ilic, Ass. Prof.

The Auto-ID Lab is largely supported by GS1, the organization responsible for assigning bar codes or EPC codes - in other words, for the designation of physical consumer goods in an Internet of Things. In collaboration with six other labs at MIT Boston (USA), in Cambridge (UK), Keio (JP), Fudan (CN), Adelaide and ICU (Korea), the lab at HSG and ETH works under the direction of Dr. Florian Michahelles to infrastructure and business applications in the context of the retail trade of the Internet of Things. In the year 2010 it has expanded its strong expertise around the mobile phone and decisively made the current scientific and practical discussion of innovative approaches such as the playful master data by end-consumers via mobile phone or promotional measures by means of Twitter and Facebook. The Auto-ID Lab has also organized the second International Internet of Things conference in Tokyo, and thus significantly contributed to the development of the concept of Internet of Things in Europe and Asia. The most important partner companies of the Auto-ID Labs besides GS1 are Valora and the Metro Group.

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