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Institute of Technology Management

Master level

We offer the following Master level courses.

Master's Degree
Semester No. Lecture/Seminar Lecturer
Autumn 7,004 Forschungs-, Praxis-, Ventureprojekt Dr. Martin Bader
  7,004 Forschungs-, Praxis-, Ventureprojekt Dr. Christoph Wecht
7,004 Forschungs-, Praxis-, Ventureprojekt Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik
  7,012 R&D Management Dr. Marcus M. Keupp
7,014 Wertschöpfungs-management Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli
Dr. Maike Scherrer
7,024 Qualitäts- und Produktionsmanagement Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli
Dr. Maike Scherrer
Spring 8,001 Technologie und Entrepreneurship Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik
8,014 Innovation und Führung Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann
  8,024 High-tech Start-up Management Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik
8,804 Managing Global Innovation Dr. Marco Zeschky

For more information about our courses, please refer to the HSG Internet portal

Further information

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In 2014 research ranking of the most influential economists Prof. Oliver Gassmann is listed in the top 10, Frankf. Allgemeine Zeitung.


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