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Institute of Technology Management

Bachelor & Master Theses

Bachelor/Master Theses

Business Models of Service Market Places:

Regional services market places such as Thumbtack (www.thumbtack.com) , Zaarly (www.zaarly.com), Taskrabbit (www.taskrabbit.com) or Zurich-based Mila (www.mila.com) recently receive tremendous attention of media and investors. In this master theses we ask students to analyzed and describe the business model of 10 selected service market places in detail.

Contact & coach: Prof. E. Fleisch (efleisch@ethz.ch)

Digital Products & Strategies in the Insurance Industry:

Digital, high tech and manufacturing industries always have been at the forefront of digital innovation. Now, the transition of the financial industry is picking up. In this master thesis we ask students to analyze an describe digital products & strategies of the 10 best in class insurance companies.

Contact & coach: Prof. E. Fleisch (efleisch@ethz.ch)


Health-IS LAB:

Please check this page


Bosch IoTS Lab:

Zukunftsmarkt „Internet of Things“

Smart Heating - Technical Approaches and Business Models


 Hilti AG:

Software Product Management

Further information

ZIG Building


In 2014 research ranking of the most influential economists Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann is listed in the top 10, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


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