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Institute of Technology Management


Our research activities are organized in competence centers. Below you find an overview of these competence centers. For more information, please visit the competence center websites.

IP Management

The Competence Center Intellectual Property Management engages in research on the management of intellectual property rights, especially patents. That includes advanced management practices and state-of-the-art research with regard to portfolio management, evaluation, valuation, licensing and exploitation of patents and the potential of patents for an IPR market place. 

Business Model Innovation

The competence center Business Model Innovation engages in research on the management of business model innovation, which is recognized as key component for organizational success. This includes the development of a construction methodology for the development of business model innovation as well as the analysis of its main drivers, like inter-group and inter-firm networks, patterns, software-induced innovation and anchoring within the organization

Global Innovation

The internationalization of the value chain has today also reached the R&D function. The Competence Center Global Innovation engages in research on the management of global innovation and the organization of international R&D activities to advance management practice and state-of-the-art research. 

Energy Innovation Lab

The Energy Innovation Lab aims to produce research that is both methodologically rigorous and relevant to academia and managerial practice. Its research on stakeholder management, organizational structures, and business model innovation is published in top-tier journals.

Center for Innovation

The Center for Innovation has the aim to establish Europe's leading research center on the management of innovation. Western Europe‘s innovativeness shall be fostered by means of a unique integrated approach to innovation, by including the disciplines technology & innovation management, marketing management, consumer behavior, and strategy. Thus, European firms' future competitiveness shall be strengthened globally. 

Open Innovation 

Innovation efforts are no longer limited within the boundaries of an organization. Multiple external partners play crucial roles in today’s challenging environment – the Competence Center Open Innovation conducts state-of-the-art research on the management of innovation in this open paradigm.

R&D China

The Competence Center R&D China has the aim to advance progress in science and management in the areas of international R&D management, global technology, and transnational innovation. The Competence Center R&D China cooperates with Tongji University, P.R. China in oder to establish a research network between those two institutions. 

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Best Paper Award: Carol Krech, Frauke Rüther and Oliver Gassmann received the Knut Holt Best Paper Award for their Paper "Profiting from Invention: Business Models of Patent Aggregating Companies"

Prof. Oliver Gassmann gives an interview in Financial Times on Business Modelling. How to revolutionize your industry

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