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Institut für Technologiemanagement

Industrielles Dienstleistungsmanagement

Growing product commoditization, more complex customer needs and the search for growth areas drives manufacturing companies to extend their product oriented business model with value adding services.

However, entering the service business is not just one easy strategic initiative that will lead to direct returns. The clocks are ticking different from the product business. New means of measurement have to be defined, new culture that is more customer and less technology oriented has to be installed and an own service strategy has to be worked out.

The research within the Industrial Service Management Competence Centre deals with these challenges and helps for more than 10 years manufacturing companies to develop the right service strategy and add successfully services to their core product business.

During this time we have gathered extensive knowledge in managing services within the manufacturing context including methods from service strategies to optimization of existing service portfolios.

Within the last decade we have led our focus on the following areas:

Service strategies
Innovation and development of services
Commercialisation of services
Controlling of services
Optimisation of existing service portfolios: from customisation to standardisation

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